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Wasp Flight Systems. Foot launched powered hang gliding harness.
Wasp flight systems powered hang gliding harness : Wasp Flight Systems is a Lake District (UK) based company which has been designing, manufacturing and supporting the growth of foot launched powered hang gliding since 1998. We have a wealth of hang gliding experience.




Hang Gliding Flight Log - Hang Gliding Resource and Flight Computer
Hang gliding flight log and web-based hang glider record database.




Woody Valley paragliding and hang-gliding equipment
Woody Valley products are total connection systems between pilot and wing;They are designed and manufactured to give you maximum comfort and security...




Hang Gliding Book
Hang Gliding Book




Firebird UK paragliding and hang gliding equipment
Firebird UK paragliding and hang gliding equipment




Americas best hang gliding resort. Live the Dream, Hang Glide!


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